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Our History

The National Military Intelligence Foundation (NMIF) was organized to advance public awareness of the roles and contributions intelligence professionals make to society, military intelligence organizations, disciplines, and enhancements in analytical methods, and techniques.  Building on a long history of success as the National Military Intelligence Association, which was established in 1974, NMIF came to corporate life as an IRS Code 501(c)(3) public charity on August 7, 2007. 

Our Mission

The National Military Intelligence Foundation (NMIF) is dedicated to inspiring new generations of intelligence professionals, recognizing the success of current intelligence professionals, and sustaining the intelligence workforce needed to ensure the overall capability of the military intelligence function to support the national security of the United States of America.  

NMIF operates as a financially sustainable non- profit and the preeminent national-level association for military intelligence professionals both in the U.S. and internationally. 

Core Values
  • Advocating for intelligence and national security professionals

  • Inspiring university students and junior intelligence professionals to pursue careers in intelligence

  • Providing national-level recognition of military intelligence and national security professionals

  • Supporting collaboration among the Intelligence Community, academia, and national security organizations to promote careers and sustain the intelligence and national security            professions

  • Encouraging the professional development of military intelligence practitioners to facilitate and develop core capabilities in the intelligence disciplines​


The NMIF believes in the power of the intelligence mission to inspire young people to join the intelligence profession as a career of service to the nation. NMIF continuously engages current and future intelligence professionals, organizations, industry, and academic institutions to contribute to the overall sustainment of the U.S. military intelligence workforce. 

Board Of Directors

LTG (USA, Ret) Mary Legere
Col (USAF, Ret) John Clark
Col (USAF, Ret) Bill Arnold
LTC (USA, Ret) Stephen Iwicki
COL (USA, Ret) William C. Spracher, Ed.D.
Dr. Christopher E. Bailey
LtCol (USAF, Ret) James Eden
Capt (USNR) Rick Myllenbeck
CDR (USNR, Ret) Calland Carnes
Col (USAF, Ret) Carla Bass
Col (USAF, Ret) Mike Grebb
Natalie Anderson
Ken Diller
Todd Robinson
Sharon Hamilton
SMSgt (USAFR) Kori Lynn Conaway
CDR (USNR) Louis Tucker
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