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Scholarship Donations & Past Recipients


Supporting the Next Generation

The NMIF is dedicated to inspiring new generations of intelligence professionals, recognizing the success of current intelligence professionals, and sustaining the intelligence workforce needed to ensure the overall capability of the military intelligence function to support the national security of the United States of America. 

The Impact of Donating

The NMIF scholarships mean the world to the students. It is an acknowledgement of their hard work and dedication in pursuit of courses of study, internships, and degrees building towards a career in intelligence, national security, and related disciplines. These brilliant students look to their predecessors for guidance, validation, and support. This support contributes to the furtherance of their career, providing them the recognition and encouragement needed to go forth and do great things for our nation. Supporting students in pursuit of undergraduate and graduate programs that lead to careers in the Intelligence Community remains a major priority for NMIF. Your donations help NMIF make this happen. Help us give a scholarship to a well-deserved recipient.

Thank you for your support. Any donation is greatly appreciated and helps make a difference!


2022 Donations in Review
With support from our donors, the NMIF awarded a total of eleven scholarships. Our 2021 Scholarship Winners:


The NMIF Lieutenant General James A. Williams Scholarship:    

  •  Mauricio Bello: American University, M.A. in International Relations with specialization in U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security

Fecteau Family Scholarships:

  • Ryan Tenty: John’s Hopkins University, M.A. in International Affairs with concentrations in security studies and China

  • Jarrett Horne: George Washington University, M.A. in Security Policy Studies

  • Anjuli RibarevskiInstitute of World Politics, M.A. in Statecraft and National Security with a specialization in intelligence studies

  • Patrick Katsaris: Liberty University

Michaela Robinson Merit Scholarship:

  •  Tiffany Dihn: University of Alabama-Huntsville, B.S. in Computer Engineering with minors in Global Studies, Mathematical Science, and Computer Science

Colonel Scott St. Cyr Scholarship:

  • Robert English: George Washington University, M.S. in Security Policy Studies, concentrating in Transnational Security

NMIF Scholarship:

  • Peter Tozzi: Virginia Tech, B.S. in National Security and Foreign Affairs and Asian Studies, and has intermediate fluency in Mandarin Chinese

  • Emma Morris: George Washington University, Masters of International Affairs with a concentration in International Security Studies

  • Nicholas Fegreus: George Washington University, M.A. in Security Policy Studies at George Washington University with a focus on National Security 

  • Julianna Vogl: Liberty University, B.A. in International Relations and Foreign Affairs with a focus in Intelligence Studies

2021 Donations in Review
With support from our donors, the NMIF awarded a total of eleven scholarships. Our 2021 Scholarship Winners:


The NMIF Lieutenant General James A. Williams Scholarship:    

  • Evelyn Burch Jones: Johns Hopkins University, M.S. Geospatial Intelligence

Fecteau Family Scholarships:

  • Aya Yousuf: Johns Hopkins University, M.A. International Relations with concentration in Security, Strategy, and Statecraft

  • Tressa Hobbs: Johns Hopkins University, M.S. Geospatial Intelligence

  • Gillian Hand: Institute of World Politics, M.A. Statecraft and National Security with specialization in Intelligence Studies

  • SrA Matthew Dean: American University, M.A. International Affairs, U.S. Foreign Policy-Asia

Michaela Robinson Merit Scholarship:

  • Laren Reesman: Mercyhurst University, B.A. Intelligence Studies

Colonel Scott St. Cyr Scholarship:

  • Nicholas Brodfuehrer: Mercyhurst University, B.A./B.S. Intelligence Studies and Political Science

NMIF Scholarship:

  • Emma Palmberg: Patrick Henry College, B.A. Strategic Intelligence in National Security.

2020 Donations in Review
With support from our donors, the NMIF awarded a total of eleven scholarships. Our 2020 Scholarship Winners:


The NMIF Lieutenant General James A. Williams Scholarship:    

  • Undergraduate student: George Mason University, Criminology, Law, and Society

Fecteau Family Scholarships:

  • Madeline Olden: American University, M.A. Global Governance, Politics, and Security

  • Dakota Jennings: Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), double major in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and Psychology (Concentration in Applied Psychology)

  • Jackson Ford: The Citadel, Intelligence & Security Studies, with concentration in Counterterrorism

Colonel Scott St. Cyr Scholarship:

  • Joseph Tavares: George Washington University, Security Policy Studies program with focus is U.S. Foreign Policy

SOSi Scholarships:

  • Angélica Cruz: University of New Haven, National Security with a concentration in Intelligence Analysis

  • Marina Boyle: Mercyhurst University, double major in Business & Competitive Intelligence and International Hospitality & Tourism, with a minor in Pre-Law Studies

NMIF Scholarships:

  • Olivia Shumaker: Georgetown University, Applied Intelligence

  • John Ellis: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Political Science, History, and National Security

  • Undergraduate student: Liberty University, International Relations, Russian, and Arabic

  • Graduate student: Texas A&M Bush School of Government and Public Service, International Affairs 

2019 Donations in Review
With support from our donors, the NMIF awarded a total of six scholarships. Our 2019 Scholarship Winners:

The NMIF Lieutenant General James A. Williams Scholarship:    

  • Elyse Keener: Liberty University, International Relations and Strategic Intelligence.


Fecteau Family Scholarships:

  • Sarah Brown: Patrick Henry College, Strategic Intelligence/National Security

  • Kyle Weber: Mercyhurst University, Intelligence Studies

  • Steven Barnhard: American Public University System, Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Studies

  • Katherine Rahmlow: Syracuse University, Executive Master’s in Public Administration Certificate of Advanced Study in Security Studies from Syracuse University

Colonel Scott St. Cyr Scholarship:

  • Ethan Richie: Virginia Tech, Political Science with minors in History, Leadership, and War and Society

2018 Donations in Review

With the support of our donors, NMIF awarded $37,000 in scholarships for the 2018 academic year to nine students. ​Our 2018 Scholarship Winners:

  • Two students pursuing Master’s Degrees in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies at Middlebury Institute of International Studies

  • Two undergraduate students majoring in Intelligence Studies at Mercyhurst University

  • An undergraduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln majoring in Psychology with minors in Arabic and Security Studies

  • A graduate student at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University seeking a Master’s Degree in Safety and Security Studies

  • An undergraduate student at Liberty University majoring in International Relations

  • A student pursuing a Master’s Degree in Forensics and Psychology at Marymount University

2017 Donations in Review

With support of our donors, the NMIF awarded a total of seven Scholarships and four Honorable Mentions to students. Our 2017 Scholarship Winners:

  • Hannah H.  Mayes, from Mercyhurst University, major in Intelligence Studies with a minor in Arabic & Islamic Studies.

  • James I. Ratcliff, from University of Oklahoma-Norman, dual majors in International Security and Arabic and a minor in Intelligence and National Security Studies.

  • Joseph R.  Gale, from Syracuse University, MA in International Relations, with a specialization in Security Studies. He holds a BA in History from Stonehill College.

  • Mousa Abusaif, from George Mason University, major in Government and International Politics with a minor in Middle East Studies.

  • Taylor A.  Alvarez, from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, major in Security and Intelligence Studies. She also has a BA in Political Science from Armstrong State University.  

  • Mark L. Barnes, from Institute of World Politics, MA in Strategic Intelligence Studies. He has a BA in Political Science from UCLA.

  • Staff Sergeant Matthias F.R. Opitz, USAF (Reserve), from Bellevue University, MS in International Security and Intelligence Studies. He holds a BS from Bellevue with the same major and a minor in Psychology. He has served three tours of duty in Afghanistan.


2016 Donations in Review

With support of our donors, the NMIF awarded a total of five Scholarships to students. Our 2016 Scholarship Winners:

  • Cameron T. McCauley, from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, major in Global Security and Intelligence Studies with a Minor in Mandarin Chinese.

  • Kaley M. Morrison, from Mercyhurst University, dual major in Intelligence Studies and Russian Studies.

  • Master Sergeant Patrick J. Dermady, U.S. Air Force, from Angelo State University, major in Intelligence and Security Studies with a minor in Analysis.

  • Marie S. De Bedout, from University of Alabama at Huntsville, degree in Earth Science Systems with a concentration in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems.

  • Courtney H. Connor, from Middlebury Institute of International Studies, specialized in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies.

“My NMIF Merit Scholarship meant the world to me because it really helped me grow in my career and in my personal life. I hope to one day be as established, admirable, and generous as those that contributed to my scholarship.” 

What your support means to students

—  Scholarship winner 2019

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