NMIF Merit Scholarship Application

NMIF Merit Scholarship Application 2022-2023: Check Back in Spring 2022!

NMIF Merit Scholarship Application Overview

In addition to providing scholarship to be applied to the winning applicants’ tuition, each award will be accompanied by an invitation to attend the in-person NMIF Awards Banquet or Virtual Night of Heroes Event to be held in 2021, event details will be announced at a later date.

To be eligible for consideration, the following criteria shall be applied:

  • Academic Standing: Must be Juniors (completed >48 semester hours or 90 quarter hours), Seniors (completed no less than 72 semester hours or no less than 130 quarter hours) or Graduate students at the time of application from an accredited post-secondary educational institution. A Graduate student for purposes of this scholarship competition is defined as a student who has been awarded a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited post-secondary educational institution and is pursuing a Master’s Degree, a Doctoral Degree, a professional degree. Candidates pursuing a second Bachelor’s degree are eligible for consideration if standing is Junior or Senior. Candidates for professional certificates in lieu of accredited masters, doctoral or other professional degrees are not eligible to compete in this year’s competition.

  • Academic Status: Must be considered full-time students. For purposes of this scholarship, a full time undergraduate or graduate student shall be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution for no less than 12 semester hours or no less than 15 quarter hours.

  • Use of Award: Awards may be applied to Fall Semester/Fall Quarter or Spring Semester/Spring Quarter following the receipt of award. The award funds will be sent to the student’s registrar to be applied to official tuition and fees; it will not be sent to the student directly.

  • Evaluation Criteria: Completeness of application package that meets the evaluation criteria described on page 2. Please read all criteria and instructions carefully to ensure completeness.