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LTG (USA, Ret) James A. Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund


March 29, 1932 – October 31, 2017

LTG (USA, Ret) James A. Williams

The Officers and Directors of the NMIF do hereby declare that Lieutenant General James A. Williams, U.S. Army (Retired), has been elected as a Fellow of the Foundation. Throughout his more than 56 years of service to the nation, General Williams’ contributions enhanced the capabilities of all intelligence entities in support of our national security objectives. His personal leadership of the National Military Intelligence Association as its Chairman of the Board of Directors for more than 25 years has been essential to the success of the Association. As a Founding Director of the National Military Intelligence Foundation, he constructed the Foundation’s program of public recognition and awareness of military intelligence disciplines and scholarship support for the next generation of intelligence practitioners. His leadership, mentorship, and unflagging devotion to the military intelligence profession provide the model to which all intelligence practitioners should aspire.


 - NMIA Board of Directors, December 2010.

Thank you for helping to support the LTG James A. Williams Scholarship Fund and to aid in the support of our future intelligence leaders.

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